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After working on a number of independent films with a lot of the same crew a group of us began to talk about the projects WE wanted to produce – and against all odds, we made some of them happen!

While we weren’t getting paid, the camaraderie on set was palpable and we wanted what we made to be excellent so we didn’t mind the long hours, surviving off of fast food, or if it took a few too many takes to get it right – we were committed!

I made a few observations:

1. It seemed like most of the project concepts we took on were generated by the same few people.

2. Some individuals talked about amazing projects they envisioned but they never brought it into production.

3. Without the traditional production infrastructure, the lack of structure and consistency in terms of authority or accountability usually led to conflict.


From being in community with creatives for years, I've done many jobs for free. Some because I like the person who's asking me, some because I am inspired by the project, and others to gain hopeful favors for future projects of my own.

I started imagining what it would look like if I created a currency system for these "favors" - would the whole “asking someone to work for free” trend go away?

What if there was a format? A structure? A framework that would take care of people and ideas and help them grow? And THEN once the project was ready, bring on the right team to help execute.

So here we are: AGENCY HOUSE – A place for creators to grow, inspire and challenge each other – and bring potential projects into reality.

1. By making a platform where individuals can bring AGENCY to their visions and align/partner with others.

2. By cultivating creators in order to give AGENCY to individuals and develop concepts/projects.

3. By providing structure, accountability, and a lifeline to give AGENCY to all parties involved in bringing a passion project to life.